Since 1387, this company has started its activity in the field of gas sweetening with new methods and cms surface absorption and by using the best absorbents, it has been able to minimize the amount of sulfur in gas condensates (5ppm) and based on the customer’s needs and the level of gas purity. For their use, add the number of filter columns and get the desired result

Some of the company’s services include:

1- Construction and installation of LPG sweetening filters and gas deodorization and desulfurization
2- Importing and selling all kinds of semi-automatic and fully automatic spray fillers for the spraying industry and the production of pneumatic nozzles and fillers.
3-Importing and selling all kinds of sweetening materials for liquefied lpg gas and deodorizing gas (molecularsieve)
4- Imports of all kinds of spray filling machines for food and cosmetics and deodorants
5- Imports of fittings related to gas tanks and types of floor pumps and pump vanes and types of LPG gas compressors and flow meters and single and double nozzle gas dispensers

Importing all kinds of log gas pumps and appliances
Importing and installing all kinds of spray fillers (semi-automatic – fully automatic)
Importing and selling all kinds of diaphragm pumps for the use of flammable solvents and all kinds of acids and bases
Importing and selling types of molecular sieves (zeolite) to absorb harmful gases and desulfurize LPG-CNG gases.
Making all kinds of deodorizing filters for lpg _ CNG gas for use in spray industries and disposable foam container production industries